Next event: Sunday 19 August 2018

Non-binary London and TransActive London: picnic + sport + games

Time: 14:00-17:00
Location: ask for details
Accessibility: wheelchair accessible; unfortunately the nearest public toilets are gendered
Cost: free!

An afternoon of activities (or non-activity, if your prefer!)! You can:

Feel free to bring your own games and sports equipment - we're very DIY (or DIO: do it ourselves)!

Note that we may be joined by trans women and men from TransActive London: sport and exercise for trans people in London since the skateboarding part has also been posted there ( So by extension, for this specific event you're welcome to bring along trans friends, non-binary or not.

I'll (endeavour to) bring pronoun stickers as well as the Non-binary London banner to make it easier to find us!


This event is being shaped and facilitated by a group of us, but you can either post in the Facebook event page or contact Ynda Jas (they) for general enquiries. You can contact Ynda on Facebook, email ( or SMS/WhatsApp/call (07965 354 610)


A few events are in the works, but dates are to be confirmed.

Venue details

In order to provide a (thin) layer of safety for our members, we don't provide venue details of events on the website (though where we are attending a public event, the venue can generally be found online pretty easily). In order to access venue details, you should join the Facebook group and/or the mailing list. Note that if you join the mailing list, you probably won't receive venue details for an event already listed on this page (as the email will most likely have already gone out). If you want to find out the venue of an event that was already listed here when you joined the mailing list, get in contact.


As much as possible, we organise events in places that have step-free access and that cater to vegan diets. We also endeavour for at least a substantial part of each meetup to be a free activity (excluding any food and drinks you choose to buy), and specify any ticket fees where they exist.

Get in contact if you have any suggestions for how we can make our events more accessible or if you'd like to come to a particular event and have specific accessibility needs - we'll try our best to accommodate.

Previous events

Here we will dump the details of previous events to allow visitors to get a feel for the kinds of in-person meetups we have. Events organised before the website was created (June 2018) are not included but can be found in the Facebook group.

Sunday 19 August 2018

13:00-16:00: gender chat/hang out/salsa class
Host: Calu Lema (they)

Saturday 14 July 2018

14:00-17:00: picnic/Trans Pride Brighton banner-making
Host: Em Richards (they)

Sunday 8 July 2018

13:00-19:00: board game social
Host: Kari Hyll (they)

Friday 22 June 2018

18:00-19:30: hang out/food/drink
19:45-22:00: Non Binary Cabaret Magical Creatures special
Hosts: Becka Turbett (they) and Ynda Jas (they)